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SM3702: Pervasive Media: Culture, Value, and Practice

As computing and communication devices become more pervasive and mobile, the traditional studies of human computer interaction with the desktop model are no longer relevant in our daily life. New, pervasive and mobile technologies provide us an ever more connected world and the possibility to access ever more detailed information about context.

The course aims at investigating the history, present and future of pervasive media. Different themes of research projects or prototypes in this emergent field are introduced and discussed. The students are encouraged for collaboration across boundaries, experimentation, reflection and analysis.

The students also learn how to design pervasive experience through hands-on practice. This course focuses on smartphone platforms and provides a preliminary coverage of mobile app development, with emphasis on mobile multimedia and locative media. Students in the course are expected to grasp the understanding of the user-centred design process and the technologies widely in creative applications in this context.



2013-14 Sem A


Schedule & Materials:

•Week 1: Introduction on Pervasive Media (Week1 notes)
•Week 2~3: Case Study on Existing Projects on Pervasive Media (Week 2 notes, Week 3 notes)
•Week 4~6: Design Methods for Pervasive Media (Week 4 notes, Week 5 notes, Week 6 notes)
•Week 7~11: Prototyping Methods for Pervasive Media (Week 7 notes, Week 8 notes, Week 9 notesWeek 10 notesWeek 11 notes)
•Week 12: Evaluation Methods for Pervasive Media (Week 12 notes)
•Week 13: Consultation
•Week 14: Final Project Presentation


Selected student works:




















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