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CS4187: Computer Vision for Interactivity

The course introduces students to computer vision technologies to support human computer interactions, such as face, hand or body tracking. The focus of the class is three-fold: 1) to learn about existing computer vision technologies; 2) to develop skills using these algorithms through hands-on experience; 3) to design and create a computer vision system for a real-world interactive program. Topics will focus on image processing, feature detection, segmentation, face and object recognition, and motion estimation and tracking. Advanced topics may include real-time face detection and object detection. This course will use open source software libraries (e.g., OpenCV and openFrameworks) to create interactive programs with computer vision.



Week 1

    Tutorial: Introduction to Computer Vision and Interactivity

    Lecture: Basic Linear Algebra & Image Formation

Week 2

     Tutorial: Basic openFramworks: Set up, GUI, Image Manipulation

     Lecture: Image Processing

Week 3

     Tutorial: Image Processing, Histogram

     Lecture: Image Filtering

Week 4

     Tutorial: Practicing Image Filtering

     Lecture: Feature Detection & Matching (Edge, Line, & Circle)

Week 5

     Tutorial: Edge/Line/Circle Detection in openFrameworks/OpenCv

     Lecture: Segmentation

Week 6

     Tutorial: Revision on Mid-term Quiz

     Lecture: Revision on Mid-term Quiz

Week 7

     Tutorial: Self Revision

     Lecture: Mid-term Quiz

Week 8

     Tutorial: Practicing Segmentation

     Lecture: Object Detection: Features Tracking

Week 9

     Tutorial: Practice on Object Detection 

     Lecture: More about Tracking: Face Detection

Week 10

     Tutorial: Practice on Face Detection

     Lecture: Motion Detection & Tracking

Week 11

     Tutorial: Practice on Tracking

Week 12

     Tutorial: Revision for Final Exam 

     Lecture: Revision for Final Exam 

Week 13

     Self Revision & Consultant

Selected student works:




















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